Monday, 25 March 2013

element6 cafe @ ryedale rd., west ryde

It's been awhile since I've been inspired by a local cafe and there's certainly plenty of inspiration to be found at element6 cafe at West Ryde. Let's start with the decor; slightly grungy x vintage x cute design, I absolutely love it! And when it comes to the menu on offer, it's most certainly paired to match!

Sultan's surprise (pomegranate juice with freshly squeezed orange juice) and an iced coffee served in cute glass jar mugs.

People lined up over lunchtime either trying to grab a table or grabbing coffees on the go. Big love for the keep cup mugs sitting behind the counter.

On the lunch menu is this pulled pork and cabbage on a roll. A most generous serving and tasty too.

Otherwise the chorizo & rocket on a roll isn't too shabby a choice either.

My selection for the day though was the Reuben; half of it will probably fill you up and arguably one of the stand outs on the menu.

As my friend A puts, you can't miss the cafe. It's pretty much the only thing you'll find on Ryedale road when you come out of the station and well, I was hesitant about putting up this post; I'm not too keen on too many people finding out about it just yet but then again, it's too good not to post about it!

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