Sunday, 10 March 2013

marion grasby's san choi bow

So by now you know about my fascination with the Marion's Kitchen range so let's cut to the chase, her 'San Choi Bow' is pretty awesome. All you need to add is some minced pork, washed chinese cabbage leaves, sliced spring onion and you have a cracker of a meal.

I thought this was the last one I had to try in her range but alas no, I have one more post to come on her Singapore Noodles.

The finished product in about 20 minutes. If you were having people over, this would make a great starter and honestly, this isn't your regular meal out of jar, it actually tastes like you've cooked it from scratch.

Technically all her packet mixes are meant to serve 4 but when you have two hungry people in the house, it's really not all that hard to finish this between the two of you.

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