Tuesday, 5 March 2013

marion grasby's pad thai

It seems Coles and Woolies have been taking turns to put Marion Grasby's Kitchen Selection on special and between the two supermarkets, I've managed to scoop up the rest of the range which I was hoping to try.  It's actually not that expensive at full price but you know me, I do love a good bargain! Introducing my new favourite from the range - Marion's Pad Thai.

Pad Thai in it's signature red packaging. Everything except for the meat/seafood, egg, spring onion and lime wedges come inside this tiny pack.

We've been breaking in our wok and safe to say, after cooking most days, the wok is nicely sealed and no longer sticks anymore! There's something about cooking in a wok that makes Asian food taste that bit more authentic, I think it's what Chinese people called 'wok air'.

Takes less than 20 minutes to prep and cook this for dinner which is perfect for those days when I'm running home and don't have too much time to cook and trying to be good and not eat take out.

The final product looks pretty authentic to me!

Really enjoyed this one and even had enough for the boy and I to take work the next day. I really do enjoy cooking from scratch but some days, this is a real treat (cuts down the time and tastes absolutely perfect). A thumbs up to Marion Grasby on this one!

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