Monday, 21 January 2008

the great bagel & coffee company @ mac centre

'Lets go the bagel place at Macquarie?' was echoed with a 'Are you sure you don't feel Viet?' (or in J's head, 'Anything but bagels') In the end, I suppose J must have changed his mind because after taking a look at the menu, he said he didn't mind giving the place a go.

Previously a rather unspecial sort of cafe, last year the spot opposite General Pants @ Mac Centre reopened as The Great Bagel & Coffee Company. It's pretty self-explanatory what's on their menu and it's made even more clear with all the options listed on one wall and should one desire not to read, you can pick from an array of pictures that are beside that list. You get your usual 'Salmon & Cream Cheese' but you also get a 'Hamburger' bagel and should you want to make your own, that's an option too.

Our bagels including a side of curly fries.

Bagels actually prove to be a good replacement for bread in that the texture of the bagel means that your sandwiches don't get awfully squashed when they're made or when held in your hands. My only word of warning would be that bagels do have holes so watch any condiments such as cream cheese and the like get squeezed through and onto your hands whilst you eat. And my gosh, one bagel sandwich can be filling!

Given the hot weather, J&I completed our day with a Fruit Flo from New Zealand Ice Cream. Yay to the buy 1 get 1 free vouchers. Look at how much icecream is sitting outside of the cone! (Better still, the icecream continues all the way through the cone!) Basically Fruit flos are frozen yoghurts blended with frozen fruit.

A mango & a berry fruit flo.
On the topic of Fruit Flos, go for the small if you've having by yourself or share the regular one (it will be more than enough!)

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