Tuesday, 29 January 2008

ichibanboshi @ the galleries

I paid this old favourite of mine a visit over the weekend. Actually, it was dad who decided; according to mum whilst I was off at Myer with J, my dad had bought too many books at Kinokuniya and couldn't be bothered walking far with them (i.e. if we were to join them up at the bookstore, then J&I could help carry them back to the car). So it worked out quite conveniently that Ichibanboshi was just next door so that mum and dad could sit down whilst we walked over to join them.

In the 15min it took for us to get there, mum & dad were still stuck in the queue at the door. We watched as the staff tried to put together makeshift tables (one which was right in the middle of the walkway - and well, they must've decided against it and just made everyone wait that little bit longer). Fortunately, it was not long before our number was called (far out, they were already at number 100 and it was only just a little bit past 12!! crazy!!).

Beef Tataki. Love this!

Iced Green Tea Cappuccino. I swear I have to have this every time I come here.
I went for the Negi Miso Ramen which was piled high with vegies. I can't remember it being such a big bowl of noodles! For some reason or other, we all struggled to get to the bottom of our bowls. Mum and Dad could only eat about half the noodles.
J and his Shio Butter Corn Ramen. See that big blob of butter floating in the bowl!

My last time here would've been a fair while back. It seems to have changed a little since last time. Not sure if it's the food that has changed or that it's no longer as good; possibly that I'm just more or more picky with my food. Nonetheless, still very decent food at a very reasonable price (you certainly do get bang for your buck!)


char said...

hehe i agree, i think it's become more ordinary now, but there's nothing wrong with ordinary :)

chocolatesuze said...

dude have you tried the tonkatsu ramen??

panda said...

char: the bad thing is, i think my taste in food is getting more and more expensive! can't be good for my wallet ><

suze:is that the one which they only make 15 bowls of? we've tried to order that one everytime but they've never had it! i swear it doesn't exist :P