Tuesday, 29 January 2008

t2 teahouse @ mac centre

I remember getting so excited passing a t2 store when I was in Melbourne last year. Seeing all the colourful tea pots, tea cups, assorted tea cannisters and such a abundant range of tea leaves; I could stay in the store all day! And well, it looks like they've officially brought the t2 franchise over to Sydney and what's even better is that they've opened one up right close to home!

As you head up to the loft from the bus stop @ mac centre, you'll find t2 a few doors down from eb games and directly across from them is the t2 teahouse. For those who might not be as keen buying tea leaves for home use, this is where the teahouse becomes an excellent idea. In the comfort of big armchairs, high stools and/or communal sharing tables, you can explore and enjoy the full range on offer at t2. In addition to the loose leaf teas, they've also come up with a range of both cold and hot tea cocktails. And well, if tea is not really your thing, you've still got scones, macaroons, jam donuts, finger sandwiches, banana bread and many other delicacies to choose from.

Look at our table number in the form of a teapot.
My selection: Matcha Shake and a trio of macaroons (chocolate, pistachio and strawberry). Highly recommend the chocolate cause it tastes like a chocolate brownie and the strawberry is very, very tasty.
Photo of the counter and part of the menu.
Me and a big cheesy grin.The whole menu and a wall-full of colourful teapots. I like!
I'm really loving this place! Love the tea, the food, the staff, the decor (all save for the Chinese newspaper lining some of the walls - why oh why did someone decorate using Chinese newspapers?) Anyway, keen to come back here and try the scones; they looked so tasty (too bad someone in front of the queue had took the last three before we got to the counter). Lol...I really had to try so hard not to give them greasies!


Anonymous said...

hi there... nice blog :)
thanx for the review about t2 teahouse, i was a bit curious to find out more about it. how much were the matcha shake & the macarons? -kat ='.'=

panda said...

hey there! the macaroons were 3 for $5. i can't remember the exact price of the matcha shake... so sorry! (but it's definitely on the the pricey side!) anyway, let me know if you go and what you end up having. I'm curious about all the other things they have on their menu.