Monday, 4 February 2008

eastwood peking restaurant

To my knowledge, this place is called 'Eastwood Peking Restaurant' and translated directly as 'Eastwood Peking Restaurant' in Chinese. It's been around for some time and arguably, the most bustling of places within the suburb (only second to Superfresh - the fruit market outside Franklins, where one is likely to get trampled on!!). If you haven't made a booking for dinner, you're likely to be in a queue for some time. And might I add, once seated, there's literally very little room for movement (as every table in the restaurant is strategically placed to make room of all the space available).

We were here on Sunday for a casual family dinner; lucky that we had booked cause the restaurant filled up within minutes! Dad ordered off the top of his head (when you eat Peking, there's those handful of dishes which you order without even needing to think). Here were some of them.

A small mixed platter.
Justin said it was hot and had a Jumbo-sized Coffee Milk.
A milky soup (not sure what it's called exactly). The even better one comes with won tons!Peking Duck: First Course - Duck Pancakes.Pork, Tofu, Capsicum & Fungi Stir Fry in a Chilli Sauce.Soft Shell Crab + Peking Duck: Second Course - Duck Noodles.

If you can see from the photos, this place isn't big on presentation. Taste wise, it's decent and the food generally isn't too oily (I can't say that about a lot of Chinese restaurants). Particularly commendable is the speed of service; our meal was had in a mere 50 minutes from ordering to having the bill paid. Slowness isn't their nature, although the queue lining up at the door could explain why. I'd say they're turning a table at least 3-4 times every night (highly impressive!). There's actually another Peking restaurant further down the road but for some reason they don't get such a massive turnout.


char said...

ah it's a pretty good peking restaurant :)

i was going to blog about it's $15.80 lunch menus for 2 which will include 3 different dishes of your choice including dumplings, hot & sour soup, noodles and so forth - good bargain !

panda said...

i use to love going there for those lunch menus whilst i was still at uni! lol...i'd always get the hot and sour soup :D haven't been for so long! hehe...look forward to reading about it on your blog.