Sunday, 17 February 2008

bavarian bier cafe @ york st.

Whilst it wasn't a tearful farewell, I was still sad to hug Katie good bye on Friday night. I can't believe she's heading off to Melbourne! Who am I going to vent to, bum, chat, grab dinner after work with? It was only late last year that I got back in touch with this girl through Facebook and over the last few months, we'd been grabbing dinner on the odd occasion and chatting about almost nothing and everything. So many times, I didn't know whether to laugh or think this girl was crazy because she positively always had the craziest stories to tell. Girl, I'm going to miss you!

So it was drinks and dinner at Bavarian Bier Cafe on Friday night. Katie had made a booking for 10 but by the time J&I left, reinforcements were already in place and the table we had booked and turned into an extremely tight squeeze. J&I had got there early and so were particularly hungry; here's what we had for dinner:

Pork Belly (as recommended by J's boss). This was so delicious yet so filling!

Veal Schnitzel with potatoes, rocket and a mayo dressing. This went well with my wheat beer (which I didn't find particularly tasteful when I had it by itself).

Katie and a concoction of Pineapple flavoured beer. Even more bizarre was the Chocolate beer one of her friends had; can't say I liked it.

Silly photo - Me trying to put a fork into Katie. There's another one with Katie and a knife; probably best if I left it off the net.
Maerz, a red-faced me, Katie and J.
Girl, I wish you all the best in Melbourne! As promised, I'll be down to visit sometime this year and yes, I don't mind that you're actually 40 minutes away from the main city. Take care of yourself and keep me up to date with all your crazy stories!

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