Tuesday, 12 February 2008

tomato @ chatswood

Proof that I haven't been further than Mac Centre in awhile, J goes 'Ken's decided we're eating at Tomato tonight...but yeah, nothing's confirmed, we can decide when we get there'. In my mind, I had started compiling images of tomato entrees, tomato mains, tomato desserts...where on earth was there a restaurant called Tomato in Chatswood?! Was it new? And were we really going to be eating tomato dishes that night?! I hoped not.

Even as we were standing just outside the restaurant, I still asked the question 'So where is this place?'. Turns out it was well hidden upstairs, just above 'Big fish, little fish', next to the gym at Chatswood; entrance was via a lift. I found out also that we were eating Korean and upon perusal of the menu, there were no tomato dishes (yes I checked) and well, it's actually a very nice place to chill and bum. Trust me, you'll love the sofas (great for leaning back on after you've eaten!!)

Pang, Em, J & I ordered 4 dishes amongst us. Em all geared up on a Sunday with our rice cake, egg and dumpling soup.
Our other dishes: Korean pancake, curry beef cutlet with rice and cold buckwheat noodles.
They've actually got a rather extensive menu albeit a little time consuming to read through (basically there's Korean and English translations but how it's laid out, you start wishing that they had photos for everything to make it easier - esp. when you have dishes with the words 'stimulate' and 'spicy intestine' in them). The other guys went for hot pots which were massive. There were side dishes with our meal (unfortunately, no photos) and had drinks (which are on the expensive side). All up we each paid $20 which included a tip; not bad at all!

Anyway, Korean karaoke is just next door also, if anyone is interested!

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