Friday, 29 February 2008

toraya @ mandarin centre, chatswood

After many unsuccessful attempts to book a place last Saturday morning, we waited in line outside Toraya @ Chatswood at about 7.30pm and found ourselves a table. There for dinner was Pang & Em, J&I (missing were Mandy & Kaho who'd we originally wanted to catch up but had not been able to make it at the last minute).

Toraya is in the far corner of the food court at Mandarin Centre; replacing the previous Garden Chinese restaurant (which is a shame in some respects cause that restaurant was actually quite good!). Anyway, I've actually been here a couple of times now after a number of very positive reviews about the food and how good value the food is. And I personally vouch for what others have said and this place does serve good food and it is good value!

Haha...beef tataki! (perhaps a little too much sauce)
Octopus Carpaccio. I found the texture of this one a little weird but then again, I've never been a fan of anything to do with octopus.
Beef Tongue on a hot a plate + Justin's tongue :P
Pork Shnitzel with pink blobs of potato salad.
Rock 'n' Roll. More or less a California roll with Oven Baked Scallops and a Cheese Sauce topping. I definitely recommend this one!!
Sushi & Sashimi Platter (which I think is a little small)
Em and I had decided on some desserts but were too full after eating everything above. Should our stomachs have permitted, we would've gone for their Sesame Pudding for sure, Tofu & Avocado Ice Cream (just to see what it tasted like) and well, Tempura Icecream didn't sound too bad either (we imagined this to be Fried Ice cream). It's shame that Mandy and Ka couldn't make it; but anyway, we did manage to catch them this week (post to follow).


Justin said...

The Rock and Roll is very similar to the Volcano Roll at Kobe Jones...

char said...

hehe i remember i tried many of the things you blogged about here in my first meal at toraya, and it led me to return many times afterwards. their teriyaki salmon lunch special is a favourite of mine :)

Joanna said...

I still remember going there for Erica's farewell. The food was yummy and Amy's recommendation of the Chicken rice (it had a long name starting with T....) was definitely worth a try!

panda said...

justin - you keep reading my blog :)

char - i've tried their teriyaki salmon too and it def. is a a favourite of mine!

jo - was it the risotto?

will said...

Watch out guys. We were going all the time, weeknights, lunches. One day the manager told a woman off for taking a serviette and disposable chopsticks from the next table, which was empty. The service was slow, so she helped herself. She stood up for herself and told him he was rude, then he pointed her out the door. Takes one arrogant experience to make you wish you'd stayed home. They are cheapish and cheerful, but not that cheap or cheerful

Mandarin Shopping Centre said...

We're so glad you liked Toraya! There are other restaurants that you can try and just as good as well! Would love to see you back at Mandarin Centre!

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