Thursday, 28 February 2008

zenya @ eastwood

I've been popping in here every so often that I'm sure that the waiters/waitresses vaguely remember me. Even if they don't, they probably will do by the end of this year :) I've lost count of all the people that I've come here with...and the bowls of ramen that I've been eating...yes, I know!
Beef Tataki. I'm in love with this dish at the moment - loving the combo of seared beef, shallots, red onions, the sauce they sprinkle it with and that dash of lemon squeezed on top.
J orders the Chashu Ramen.
This is on their Specials Menu - Cold Ramen. I've had this twice now and I advocate that it's perfect for a hot day. From memory, the day we ate here, it was boiling outside!
Not sure if I've mentioned this in another post but the prices have gone up for awhile now (but probably not enough to discourage anyone from going as there continue to be queues everynight it's open). The serving sizes remain huge; I was waddling as I got up from eating my bowl of ramen! Try!

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