Sunday, 20 January 2008

Japanese Pizza @ Epping Twilight Markets

There's probably a back log of about a billion food events which I haven't gotten round to blog (most of them from my trip to HK, the noteworthy been the toilet themed restaurant I went to in Mong Kok and had a most fun time laughing myself silly and talking about toilets with my dear friends - find photos on facebook!!). Anyways, thought I'd get back to blogging with some of the the foodie things I've been doing since I've gotten back; the first of these being my second trip to the Epping Twilight Markets on a Friday night.

Whilst in HK, Suze had asked if I'd be back for the first lot of markets in 2008 to which I'd replied yes. She was selling cupcakes and not just the one rack, but a whole tableful of them!! (turns out that the other cupcake store wasn't back from holidays so in addition to Suze's shortbread and biscotti, she could sell her scrumptious range of cupcakes (my favourite being the chocolate!!)

The offer on the night: Buy 4 for $10.00, get one free.

So in addition to visiting Suze and hearing about her factory which is happening this year (so happy for you Suze!), J&I thought we'd grab dinner from the markets. Unfortunately, there weren't as many stores cause it was the first markets for the year and presumably not all stall holders were back from holidays. Nonetheless, the Japanese store caught our eye with their colourful takoyaki balls and as we stepped up closer to look, the 'Japanese Pizza' sign was screaming 'Eat Me' (Good good, we could get all our food from the one place).

Japanese Pizza. Basically the whole thing sits on a really thin pancake base, topped with veggies, egg, meat, seafood, bbq sauce and mayo, garnished with a side of fish flakes....gosh, it is the yummiest thing ever!

Takoyaki balls - So yummy and so hot on the inside that both J&I were burning our tongues trying to gobble them up.
And look what I got on the night: a bagful of pressies from Suze!! (And I was the one who was meant to bring Suze a pressie - one which I've been meaning to give her for a long, long time. Argh!) Suze, promise you you'll have it the next time I manage to catch you. And thank you so much for the presents! I love each and every one of them....hahah, I hope the air freshener smells like salmon sushi)

My bag of pressies from Suze.
So if you haven't already, head off to the markets which happen on every second Friday starting at 5pm, ending 9pm. Both times it's been pretty easy to find parking and well, whilst you're there, make sure you pop by and find Suze (she's the one with all the little kids hanging around her :D)


chocolatesuze said...

hurhur i hate school kids lol glad you liked your pressies dude!

panda said...

speaking of school kids, they've just started school this week and the trains are awful. not only do i have to listen to girlish banter (when I'm trying to catch some sleep), the trains are jampacked like mad...and it's been so hot!!

yep yep, I loved the pressie! you are awesome!