Monday, 15 June 2009

homer's cafe @ rowe st., eastwood

More than often now, I find myself at Homer's Cafe catching up with friends late at night, drinking coffee and most of the time, having dessert. Homer's didn't use to open so late but they've changed hands for about a year now and the new owners have extended their hours to cater for a night crowd. They seem to be doing well cause everytime I find myself there, all the tables are filled up and people are piling through the door. Fortunately, there always seem to be a table when I get there but be warned that the tables do fill up fast!

On this particular Friday night, J&I caught up with P&E for a 'wind into the weekend' drink + dessert. It would've been close to 10 at night and the cafe was brimming with people. We managed to grab one of the booths inside the cafe which was great - it was nice and toasty compared to sitting outside. Fact - very rarely do I enjoy sitting outside at cafes. I could spend hours giving reasons why but will probably bore you so I'll just leave it at that. Anyway, it's cold now, more reason to grab a seat indoors!

Something different tonight - a Chai Latte. 
Here's the Nutella Pancakes. The ice cream is inching itself off the plate! Not the best presentation but pancakes here are tasty. They're probably not as thick and fluffy as the ones you get at Pancakes on the Rocks but actually work out better cause it's not so heavy on the stomach and you don't end up feeling quite so guilty.
Took us a couple of shots to get us all in!
As you can probably see in the last pic, decor here leans to dated but it does have it's charm. I love cafe booth seats!! There's probably just as many seats/tables inside as there is outside. Outside seats look onto Rowe Street and Eastwood's water fountain - which when it's working, always seems to be filled up with bath bubbles (another reason for me liking to sit inside). When it rains, the tables get pulled in and stretch to the shopfronts beside the cafe so don't be surprised if you see a random table outside Eastwood's ANZ bank!

The service I've gotten here has been adhoc. Simple fact that some waiters/waitresses are better than others. Price wise it's reasonable, it was about $9 that night for a drink each and half a plate of pancakes each. Somehow or other, I don't get around to trying their other food during the day but they do have quite a menu on offer.


Stephcookie said...

I love a good chai latte, and great to know there's a cafe open so late near me :) Thanks!

panda said...

steph - no probs! look forward to reading your review!

Betty said...

ooh, i read 'nutella pancakes' and i had to stop for a moment! they sound delicious! $9.00 for a drink + pancakes is such a good deal!

panda said...

betty - nutella is so simple yet tastes so good! it's not too expensive here and it's great that they open late.

Anonymous said...

I love booth seating too! If I see a booth I always ask to sit there. The idea of the retro decor sounds interesting too. Hehe at the 'wind into the weekend' drink + dessert-like that idea!

panda said...

nqn - booth seating is ever so comfy, esp. on a cold night. and lol, actually, i could eat dessert and have a drink just about any night!