Wednesday, 10 June 2009

vanilla brasserie @ siam paragon, bangkok

Continuing Week 1 of my Thailand trip, J&I found Vanilla Brasserie in Siam Paragon. I previously posted about Cafe Lenotre which we went to on our first night. I might've forgot to mention that I was tossing between Lenotre and the cafe just across from them which was Vanilla Brasserie (literally 5m away).  Anyway, you probably get the gist of it by now that I ate an average of 4 meals a day on my 3 week trip - that equates to over 80 posts that I'm behind on! Well, Vanilla Brasserie is definitely amongst my Top 5 places to eat in Bangkok so if I don't get round to the rest, at least I've put my word in for this place.

Here's the entrance to Siam Paragon; a shopping complex where I managed to grab a few bites and a bit of shopping. If you read about Siam Paragon, it's mostly your high-end shops, they house an international food court and generally a place where you'll spend a bit more money than everywhere else in the rest of Thailand. Relative to Sydney though, I would still consider it cheap!
The inside of Vanilla Brasserie. To the left is the counter where there is an amazing display of cakes and where you put in your order. At the entrance (to the right of this photo), there's a section selling 'Vanilla Brasserie' branded goods. I ended up buying a cup that had Vanilla branding on it - and yes, I lugged that around for the next 3 weeks and managed to get it back to Sydney in one piece. Note to all, I do have a habit of buying the strangest, most impractical things when I go on holiday!
Berry Crumble Cheesecake - a mighty fine combination. If you were to ask me what my favourite cake would be, it would be cheesecake and this place certainly does it well. It's nothing fancy but hits the spot.
Blackforest Cake and my tea that came in a glass which I thought was rather strange. To the side is a shot glass of sugar syrup which I didn't end up touching.
The start of the madness - I lose count as to how many times J did this in a photo!
Whilst we came here for dessert, Vanilla Brasserie actually serves up lunch and dinner. For a good part of the time I was in there, I ogled at the waiters and waitresses that were bringing out meals to the tables around us. The food was my kind of food - fresh, simply plated, decent portions and full of colour. Vanilla Brasserie also offer cooking classes - there's a list of recipes you can choose to learn. From memory, it was quite expensive compared to the other cooking classes that I was looking at so ended up giving this place a miss.

Loved the decor, great atmosphere and the staff were super friendly. It was a great place to wind down after an extremely long day and I hope for those that visit in future, you'll have a lovely experience too!


Betty said...

I love Siam Paragon!! Oh, the food court there is amazing! I wish I was in Bangkok right now!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I love this placeeeee ! my favourite, but didn't go often cuz its a bit expensive compared with others.. desserts are normal for me but I love the food.. Try it next time when u go there (and hope its lucky enough that I am there too) :D

panda said...

betty - i'm a big fan of siam paragon too! ended up coming here for a couple of meals which hopefully i'll get around to blogging

bean sprout - i'll definitely try the food next time i'm there! and yep, if you're there also, we can order a feast of food!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic:) I have memories of visiting the Siam Paragon on our holiday but I didn't go here. Maybe for next time!

panda said...

nqn - there's so much to see and do when on holidays, it's definitely hard to be everywhere at the same time! anyway, let me know if you do end up trying this place!

Rachel@TastyThailand said...

I live in Bangkok and eat at Vanilla Brasserie often. It's absolutely amazing. Desserts are good but their food is phenomenal.