Monday, 29 June 2009

peanut butter muffins

Slowly but steadily I'm cooking my way through 'In the Kitchen' and now up to Recipe Number 4. I'd probably get through this book much faster if I cooked more but unknown to most, my dad actually has reign over the kitchen. The one time I cooked something for dinner, dad refused to eat it and since then, the only times I've cooked for the family is when dad's been on trip. Mum and my brother have no issues with my cooking, just that dad is a bit old fashioned and prefers to eat things he cooks and thinks my cooking is a bit too new-age and modern for his liking. Ah well, the day he changes his mind, I'll probably find it rather strange so it's better off that it stays the way it is.

Anyway, the fourth recipe I cooked up on a Sunday night was 'Peanut Butter Muffins'. As you can probably gather, I'm working my way through the back section of the book. At some point, I'll get to the savouries but I really do enjoy my sweets. Anyway, it was just convenient that I had half a jar of Crunchy Peanut Butter at home as well as the rest of the ingredients I needed so these muffins were whipped up in a matter of minutes.

Creaming crunchy peanut butter, butter and sugar. The great thing about this recipe is that it smells so good from start to finish (that's if you like peanut butter).
Once all the ingredients get mixed in, it looks a bit lumpy and unappetising but trust me, it was smelling great and only just got better.
After emptying the batter into 12 muffin cases, I thought the muffins were looking a little lonely and ended up putting some chocolate buttons on half the tray. In hindsight, I should've added a few more - the combo of chocolate and peanut butter was fantastic!
The muffins swelled up in the oven and here they are baked after 15 minutes.
I have to give a thumbs up to C&Cs muffin recipes. Out of the two that I've tried so far, the muffins come out so moist and mouthwateringly delicious. 

For breakfast this morning, I nuked one in the oven for about 15 seconds and it was good to go. The texture of the muffin was still moist although eating it this morning, the peanut butter in it seemed to make the muffin stick to the roof of my mouth a bit more (but isn't that what peanut butter is meant to do?) Anyway, it's a great recipe but I do think it could do with a some choc chips tossed throughout. I know it probably makes for a fattier muffin but it just seemed that the muffin was lacking a bit of texture. It was rich in peanut butter flavour but just needed that extra bite.

Anyway, I've still got bits and pieces from the last few lots of baking - I'm thinking I should probably start halving some of the recipes so I don't have so much left over. Unfortunately, there's only so much I can eat before things need to get tossed out!


Anonymous said...

These look lovely (and I have the feeling the choc chip peanut butter version would be amazing)! I know what you mean. I get stuck with so many ckaes. Luckily hubby takes them to work where they are eaten for morning or afternoon tea.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wow........bake so often lately ( me too lol)

Wat about lunch on the next Saturday (not this sunday cuz i think we will have lots of food from ''good food, good wine'') or We can have dinner somewhere next week after ur work ^ ^

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hahahaha...... again, I just read ur profile that u got panda name cuz u looked like a panda... I got Beansprout name cuz friends said I look like beansprout lol

Trisha said...

Holy smokes these look soooo good!!!

panda said...

nqn - next time i'll probably throw a bagful of choc chips in there :P i'm starting to take more things to work because it's probably the fastest way of getting things eaten. to be honest, i don't think i'll ever get sick of cakes :P

bean sprout - i'm trying to bake/cook more but seem to be baking more than i'm cooking :D all the things i make are quick though - finding it hard to find a lot of time in the kitchen so go with the simple recipes.
lol...was just messaging to suggest next saturday! anyway, let's chat at the show on saturday and see what's a good time :D
and yep, i'm panda because apparently i look like one :D

trisha - thanks! they were really easy to make. find that i don't get much time in the kitchen so great for these recipes which look and taste great :)