Tuesday, 9 June 2009

T42 @ siam centre, bangkok

It's been almost 2 months since I came back from my holiday in Thailand and embarrassingly enough, I'm still somewhere at the start of my trip with my posts! J keeps kindly reminding me and with every intention of making a start to posting the rest of the meals, it's actually quite difficult to remember all the names of the places I ate almost two months ago. Saying that though, strangely enough, I'm not someone to forget what I ate and I do remember a good meal when I've had one. Somehow the taste of a meal always comes back to me and it seems to be a trait that I've caught on from my mum!

So a combination of my googling ability and the delightful foodbloggers out there, I finally found the name of the place I was looking for! So thanks to this website, I can introduce you to a quaint little cafe I ate at in my week in Bangkok. The name of it is T42 short for Tea for Two, one of about 20 restaurants/cafes in Siam Centre in Bangkok.

J&I came here for dinner after our day at the Tiger Temple. We'd seen this place a couple of times (there are banners advertising the place near the lifts, we'd also walked past on our previous night) and I knew from the start that we were going to eat here at some point (it was just one of those places!) Here's the Chicken with glass noodle (could've eaten a couple more bowls of these - it was so tasty!) and spring rolls (also highly recommended).
By the second day I was in Thailand, I was drinking Iced Coffees wherever I went. Here's one at dinner time - I love how strong the coffees are!
Green chicken curry.
A slightly different way of serving up rice!
If I were ever to own a cafe, this place is exactly how I would have it. Click on the link above to see more photos and you'll know what I mean. The decor of the place is simple & clean, the food tasty and at the end of the day, the meal is affordable. It was one of those places you could sit at with your laptop or with a magazine. At the front entrance were freshly baked cakes and pastries (unfortunately my week in Bangkok wasn't long enough for me to come back and try but I most certainly will do next time I'm in Thailand) and I could've easily sat and spent my day there without a care in the world (and most likely, I would've just sat there and ate my way out of the menu cause all the food was so attractive!)

If you're in Bangkok, this place is definitely worth a visit. 


Betty said...

i love all the food in thailand! so good! this place sounds great! i'll keep this in mind next time im in bangkok :)

panda said...

it was a very pretty little place so well worth a visit! let me know if you find any good places next time you're in thailand - i'm keen to go back!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I remember how strong the coffees were there too! Food in Thailand is so delicious I agree :)

panda said...

nqn - i do love a strong coffee! great thing about thailand is that you get so much delicious food and it's so cheap!