Monday, 8 June 2009

chocolate peanut cookies

In amongst his studies this weekend, J made a point of telling me about the new M&M's ad - the one of Yellow singing 'Back for good'. I've since watched and re-watched it and am absolutely in love with M&Ms! Mind you, I also trawled through Youtube to look at the ads they've done in the past and really, whoever comes up with these ads is a genious - I'm sold! So one thing led to another - here's what I found on a shopping trip to Woolies:

Orange flavoured M&Ms! Orange is wearing an orange peel jacket! Haven't dug into these yet but will soon!
For those that read my last post (Ja, you guessed right!), I decided to make another recipe out of 'In the Kitchen'. It worked out quite well that whilst the muffins were in the oven, I whipped up this batch of cookies. And well, what a coincidence that I had a bag of baking M&Ms at home!
According to the recipe, this dough makes 30 cookies. I'm not sure if it's just me or if I'm doing something wrong but I ended making about 60 cookies. To get 30, the cookies would've had to be massive! It's not the first time though, everytime I make cookies, I somehow manage to create extra dough. 
This dough was great to use. I scooped up these balls with two metal spoons. In the above pics, the dough looks sticky but it slid off the metal spoons just fine.
Squash the cookies slightly with a fork. I'm loving the colour speckled throughout it already!
10 minutes in the oven for one batch (total cooking time of 20 minutes as I managed to get the 4 trays out of the dough). Once baked, take them off the trays (so that they don't cook further from the heat of the tray). Leave on a cooling rack for the cookies to cool and firm up. 

This was one of those recipes that smelt so good from start to finish. I'm not someone that usually eats cookie dough but whilst whipping this dough up, it certainly did cross my mind once or twice to see what it would taste like. Out of the oven, they smelt even better, the rich taste of peanut butter filled up the kitchen for the afternoon. I had about three of these before I told myself to stop.

Anyway, I have enough baked goodies from this weekend to fill me up for the week! And yay, I can start the recipe count now - this is officially Recipe #2.


Anonymous said...

I love cookies with "Bits" in them and I'd love these. For me it's the peanut M&Ms though. I have to be physically separated from a a packet of these!

panda said...

well the M&Ms definitely made this dough very colourful and pretty!
and lol - i am too with peanut M&Ms, although these orange flavoured ones aren't bad either!

Stephcookie said...

I love putting m&ms in cookies, the shells seem to give them a very distinct flavour. Ooh I want to try those orange flavoured ones!

panda said...

steph - these orange flavoured m&ms taste like jaffa balls; so if you like jaffa balls, you'll probably like these!
it was my first time adding m&ms to cookie dough and i definitely will be doing so again :D