Sunday, 4 February 2007

cafe rumbles

I woke up to a rather nice morning; the sun high up in the sky (well it was about 10.30 by then) and a taxi that brought my family members and their numerous pieces of luggage home. I've really missed them and I'm just awfully glad now that I'm no longer by myself and pretending that life is one big party without them. They were away 2 weeks and that was by far, too long. *yay! jenny is happy!*

The double goodness was that I didn't have to work on a Sunday morning; I think I've been working Sundays for the past year now. It felt so good just to sleep in, relax and just take the day easy. J popped by just around lunch time and we took the walk out to Eastwood to grab some lunch. We were thinking of Cafe Centro's but found out that they were shut on a Sunday so finally settled for another favourite of ours; Cafe Rumbles just a bit further down the road on Rowe Street.

In a nutshell, Cafe Rumbles is very much your local cafe. Previously owned by some Australian ladies, they must've sold it last year and now it's present owners are a Korean couple. They've managed to retain the menu and style of the cafe so for J and I, it continues to be a place we go back every now and then. The two of us seem to be quite addicted to their foccacia's, J keeps ordering a chocolate milkshake and as always, I love the fact that they have a selection of magazines for you to browse and lazily spend your time there. (Actually, I think most people go there for the fact that you can just grab a coffee and read the paper without being rushed to get moving). Aside from coffees and sandwiches, they've got quite an extensive selection of breakfast and lunch items (including pancakes, quiches, frittatas etc. but like I said, for some strange reason, J and I seem to always be getting their foccacia's. Today we had the Chicken Special and the Italian Special (I think this one was nicer :P). On the cost side, for a foccacia and a drink each, it came to $25.10 for the two of us (I guess not the cheapest nor the most expensive).

There's actually not many nice food places around my area anymore. Cafe Rumbles and Cafe Centro are probably my top 2 choices when looking for something to eat in Eastwood; quite sad really. Hopefully these guys will stick around, so many places have been closing down and moving out of Eastwood in the past couple of months. All the new places that pop out just don't seem to go well with me.

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Anonymous said...

rumbles is the best! the fans inside on a summers day is really cool.