Sunday, 11 February 2007

inferno caffe @ macquarie centre

Frequently, J and I find ourselves coming back to Inferno's for either a quick lunch and/or dinner (and usually as we're going to see a movie - they do have some sort of movie and meal deal with Greater Union). Despite J's claims that he doesn't read my blog or any other blogs for that matter, he happened to tell me that I hadn't actually blogged about this place. So really, I'm a little stoked as to how he knows that I haven't blogged about it (guys! they're all the same!) Anyway, we were there last night and enjoyed a rather nice meal, I learnt a couple of things about the place so I thought I might share it with you all.

Firstly, it's Inferno Caffe rather than Inferno Cafe. Does that make it more Italian? They serve quite an extensive menu of salads, sides, pastas, burgers, main dishes, pizzas, coffes and cakes. As a big cake lover, I've never actually tried their cakes. I find I'm always there for the pizza and potato wedges. I've tried their burgers which are absolutely huge as are garlic breads, last night I tried the Fettucini Con Pollo which was actually quite delish (it seemed to be missing a bit of a tang to it but otherwise, the dish was soon gobbled up between the two of us). In addition to the pasta, we had a half-half pizza consisting of the Mykonos (Green Prawns) and the Morrocan Beef. The mykonos was really quite shabby; a handful of very small prawns on the pizza base but I guess, ok tasting. Not sure if it's me but it seems like their pizzas are a bit bare on the ingredients these days.

The other thing I learnt was that their owners own the shop across from them (a fine dining restaurant called Platinum). To me, it seems rather silly to own 2 restaurants in close vicinity to each other and given also that more people seem to go to Inferno's anyway. Pricewise, it's definitely more economical for a group of people to go to Inferno's. Although in saying that, the prices have definitely gone up since I was last there about half a year ago. Potato wedges have gone up from about $7 to $9.50 (and hence why we opted for the pasta). If it goes up anymore, I don't think I'll be going there out of choice.

Service is generally friendly and professional. Previous times we've went and had a big group, it ended up being rather chaotic. I still remember the time 20 of us all chipped in 5 cents for tips just to piss the owners off for their bad service. However, it seems like there's been a change of management since then and this time, we found the waiters and waitresses to be extremely attentative and food service was fast. I suppose it can also be annoying when your table fills up with food too quickly and it just gets cold whilst you're chewing your way through it.

We watched Babel (starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett) after dinner; not sure if I completely get the story. If someone can summarise it in 2 sentences, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Summary: it wasnt an act of terrorism. it all started with two innocent kids playing in the desert with their father's gun.

It actually took someone to fully explain the entire movie to me... and that was my two sentence summary =P


panda said...

i was asking a guy who works at the cinemas and he summarised it as 'a butterfly will flap its wings in one corner of the earth and in another, there'll be a tidal wave' (probably not as eloquently put)but basically says how events are related.

there seemes to be mixed reviews about the movie.