Thursday, 22 February 2007

rosso caffe expresso @ the galeries victoria

I was in the city today for a rather interesting appointment and decided to meet up J for lunch at a place near his work. I'm actually a little beyond words at the moment with all the events and happenings which continue to take place. Things just seem to happen when I least suspect them and really, I'm not sure where it's all taking me. I really hope that I will know soon. I thank those who've lent a patient ear to listen to my complications. As confused as you all are, I am just as confused and unsure of what tomorrow will bring. In the meantime, allow me to share with you a nice lunch I had with J at a place called Rosso Cafe on the Ground floor of The Galeries Victoria.

Some of you may be surprised but yes, I ordered that whopper of a steak sandwich that came with chips and that flat white coffee is also mine. And well, I pretty much at it all save for a few chip ends which I usually leave till last anyway (they should really ban those chip ends - all chips should be rectangular and fat; not skinny and pointy on the sides!). J had the fish and chips which was somewhat less gigantic but equally filling. J had considered ordering a salad for lunch (who's the guy here?!) but changed his mind last minute. Later on we saw the salad get delivered to a table nearby us and my god, it was huge. If I was going to eat so much salad, I'd definitely stick to my steak sandwich and chips. Anyhow, this place has the thumbs up from me; food was good and really, you get your value for money. Service was definitely friendly and attentive. Sitting amongst your city office crowd, it actually wasn't too frantic or businesslike. A lady at the next table had actually opened up a book and was casually reading and enjoying her coffee.

I find that when I get to visit a new cafe, I get ideas as to how I would potentially like to run mine when I get around to having one (fingers crossed that that will happen sometime in the future). Not only are you coordinating your food, your staff and making sure your customers are happy; it's also about offering a little haven for people to sit down by themselves or with their friends to enjoy a meal or just a quick bite; I find this place does it quite well. Having passed by this place a number of times now, it was only just today that J and I decided to pop in. I suppose one lesson I've really learnt is to try something new each day; what results can be immensely rewarding.

I guess to sum it up, it was a rather enjoyable lunch. The place doesn't offer an extensive menu or a lot of space for a big group but for just the two of us, it was perfect. I encourage you to pop by and visit; anyone who tries the chicken risotto, let me know how it is. I'm a little addicted to risotto at the moment. I cooked some on Monday night and I'm encouraged to try a few more recipes. It's a shame that it costs a fortune to order at cafes. And well, funny enough, it seems like I'm on a bit of a cafe crawl since this year started. Looking forward to bringing more stories soon!

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