Monday, 26 February 2007

le cordon bleu - day 13

So much for fancy names; 'Choux' translates itself to cabbage in French. There you have it, Cabbage Puffs and Cabbage paste for lesson 13 at LCB. In all honestly, these puffs don't resemble cabbages any one bit. Even the chef made the comment that the French are a funny bunch. Although silly as it all is, I guess it makes cooking fun and key terms just that bit easier to remember. And all along I thought the word 'Choux' made things sound so much more sophisticated; I guess the alternative 'Cream Puff' makes much more sense. Anyway, here are the one's the chef made for the display (as well as for our consumption :P)

Well not a particularly exciting lesson today. Just a whole lot of choux puffs filled with creme chantilly, creme patisserie and chocolate creme patisserie. I did a perfectly good job with my puffs (the chef pointed out that I made them a good size! although some of the larger ones did collapse a bit because they could've been kept in the oven a minute or two longer) but really, my stomach just couldn't handle the smell of eggs and butter. This could've been to do with the fact that I was swept over with a fever whilst at work yesterday (ended up going home and sleeping for over 12 hours) and well, for the fact that it was a Monday morning and nothing really happens for me on a Monday morning (far out, the food they were serving at the cafeteria was absolutely disgusting today - I blame that on the Monday blues which most of us seem to have). And ok, I thought my fever was over when I woke up this morning but then my nose started running as I got into class (the air conditioning in the kitchen really didn't help). Fortunately the running of the nose came in bouts so I wasn't blowing my nose as I was cooking. So good day with my puffs but an awful day for myself. *fingers crossed* that tomorrow will be better.

Chocolate Eclairs tomorrow. Emily, I'll do my best to deliver your batch to you tomorrow night. Let me know whoever else is interested for either tomorrow or Wednesday. In the meantime, everyone take care and try not to get sick. Turns out I'm not the only one, J's sick too as are two of my cousins (and these are incidents just in the space of yesterday!). Really not good!


Anonymous said...

Yay! =) I will know after I have some whether you really did manage to keep 'blowing your nose' and cooking the choux puffs separate

panda said...

I assure you that none of my baked goodies have been contaminated :P But otherwise, I'm pretty sure the things we're making tomorrow are called 'Paris Breasts' as bad as it sounds