Friday, 9 February 2007


There comes a point in time where you really start to believe in fate; things happen because they were meant to happen. I know a number of you out there will try to argue with me and say there's no such thing as fate and that it's all bull shit; I respect your thoughts but for myself, the last month or two has seen fate happening for me. As I've struggled and been surprised at times at how things have actually worked out, I really think there's no stopping fate; you've just got to run with it and see what new doors open you up to and not be scared to go through them. Today, I found myself walking through one of those doors and seriously, it's awesome!

Many of you probably won't realise the range of emotions I've gone through over the past couple of months. Yes, I had a great holiday and I came back extremely relaxed and positive about the new year ahead. Then there was the decision to make about full-time work and the patisserie course. When I chose the patisserie course, I had a fair few people advise against it (amongst them were people quite close to me as well). Two weeks into it, I proved to myself that my passion was there and very fortunately, I've received support from a whole spectrum of individuals (some of whom I've never even met before). Then today, I made a split second decision and turned down an interview for a marketing job and in return, earned an opportunity of a lifetime.

I've been ecstatic since and I've really got to thank Mandy for your wise words this morning. You told me that things will fall into place eventually and that it might be tough now but it would work out in the end. And it did. I'm still a bit stunned as to what I've really got myself into and I think many people won't actually understand what it all means to me but really, it means so much to me that it's all worked out. If I mention the name Rick Stein; does that ring a bell to anyone? What if I told you that he's from the UK and he's actually the co-owner of the place which I just found myself a part-time job at? And how about cupcakes?

I was told I wrote a winning cover letter and hence received a call just 9 hours after I submitted it to the owner. Four and a half hours later, I was told to come in next week. I'm literally beaming and this has got to be the happiest moments of my life. Thanks Mandy for your encouragement and friendship. I think you must be my lucky charm :D And of course, I'm going to share with you everything that I learn (and of course everything that I make!). I'm taking baby steps to get where I want to be and I can see it through your eyes, that you're just as excited as I am; I really thank you for it. The place is so close to your home too; trust me, I'll be crashing there whenever I'm around!

Seriously, what a day it's been. So much to look forward to yet so much to move on from; a good night's sleep is definitely called for. I might make more sense in my next post. Ciao!


Amy said...

well done jenny! sorry i wasn't really there through your rollercoaster ride. make sure you keep me posted! i'm always only a phone call away =)

char said...

cupcakes ! i'm not 100% sure who rick stein is, though he does have a name that rings a bell, but i just know from the excitement in your post that it's a good thing :)

your creations in the posts below are looking very pretty jenny !

Swee said...

you located a related job very well faster than me *sob sob*