Saturday, 24 February 2007

Y2K @ chinatown

It's actually been awhile since I've been out on a Friday night. It's probably got a little to do with the fact that I'm mostly working or just can't be bothered to make the trip to the city. As most of you will know, I'm not a big party girl nor a big drinker; so I guess if you put it all together, the crowds of Friday night don't hold their particular appeal to me. I'm the type of girl that much rather just have a coffee (and of course, a piece of cake!) and quietly catch up with my closest friends and chat my heart away. I really don't get much of a chance to that these days so I really savour those moments. Seems like this year, Mandy is my leading favourite; here's to another outing with this awesome girl who shares my passion for all things sweet and pretty.

For starters, I was definitely not a happy jan having to pay $5.60 to park for 1.5hours outside Central Station. Oh wells, I suppose I got free parking after 6 at J's workplace but really, isn't the price of parking in the city insane?! I suppose it was my fault for wanting to drive and well in the end, it got me home early enough so I could wake up for a 6.30am start this morning. I guess convenience does come at a cost. But sidetracking here, let me tell you about my afternoon tea with Mandy at Y2K on Dixon Street in Chinatown. It's just nearby the infamous Superbowl Chinese Restaurant; a rather small little place but a place that has occupied that spot for some while.

I suppose I've had a bit of history with this place. Let me set things straight, yesterday was actually the first time I sat down and ate from their menu. Previously I've met up with friends there as we've gone to assorted concerts at the Entertainment Centre but hadn't actually been there to eat. It's not my fault though; the place is like your typical Asian hangout and meeting point; you'll get your groups of friends hanging there and in many instances, not everyone actually is there to eat. So continuing my story, those closest to me will probably not forget my incessant nagging to go there to try their Puff Pastry Soy Jelly. They have it advertised on the front of their store and every time I've walked past (literally), I've nagged at whoever's next to me to go in and try out. Pretty much every time I got the same response, 'I'm not hungry, if you are, you can go eat it'. And met with this rejection, I reluctantly walked on only to be rejected many times to follow.

So yesterday, being a Friday night, I found a number of my friends to be in the city. Where I was heading to dinner later on, I happened to find Mandy
who was also out for dinner herself. And there you have it, the opportunity I'd been waiting for a long time now. Off I dragged Mandy down Dixon Street and we found ourselves seated inside Y2K. It would've been around 4 in the afternoon and it turned out to be a rather nice time to visit the place; not too many people at all. A rather efficient glance at the menu saw me ordering the Puff Pastry Soy Jelly, Mandy ordered a Pudding baked in Green Apple and we had to share a Mango Pudding Milk Tea. I'll put it in the words of Mandy, it was rather disappointing and just allow me to elaborate (the photos can be slightly deceiving). The Puff Pastry Soy Jelly tasted like I thought it would but it could've been more together as a dish (rather than eating puff pastry and soy jelly quite distinctively - I would've preferred the Soy Jelly nice and hot). Mandy's baked pudding was definitely novel and gave Mandy a good time digging at the raw apple to get her money's worth but in the end, it failed to Wow! us like we thought it should've. The milk tea was alright but again, nothing special. They do have quite a selection on their menu and it's probably worth trying but honestly, I don't feel encouraged to make the trek to the city just for it. Well at least I finally got to check the place out.

J popped by as he finished work. He called us pigs but hey, trying any dessert place out (regardless of it being good or bad) always makes for a good time. Well J claims he's not a big fan of sweets so he can be a bit of a spoilsport; actually I find it hard to find girl friends that are really into sweets. It's just the way things are. So really I've got to say, thanks Mandy for the company! Lol...where are we going next?


Mandy said...

lol. google it? heh. i still wanna try that patisserie place u went to at the rocks.

panda said...

looks like i'm meant to go there with you :P the meantime google 'la renaissance', I bet you you'll find it