Friday, 16 February 2007

last day @ travelex

It's taken a couple of weeks since my contract ended to finish up at Travelex and really, I'm finding it quite sad; my annoyance with organising everyone to sit down in one spot for an hour was certainly a thing of the past. Really, I can't believe how time has flown! After 9 or so months interning with a rather good-looking boss (haha....he can cook provencial!), I did my final presentation to members of the board today and said my official goodbyes. I was asked a number of times today 'So Jenny, what have you learnt in the last 9 months' and I've got to say, I've gained a wealth of information and friends; all of whom I'm going to miss. Me being me, I uncontrollably burst into tears as I said some of those goodbyes. I guess people do grow onto you over time.

I suppose the other question that most people asked was 'What's next?' and I told everyone exactly what I've been up to and I did get a few jaws dropping. When it all came out, I was even a little shocked myself at what mischief I've managed to get myself into and the direction I've headed. I was told that I look really happy so for the time being, I think I've made some good choices. If anything, I've created some new opportunities for myself and really, it's in my power to take those opportunities further. For the time being, I think I'll just take it day by day and give myself some slack; there's no real hurry. Another 9 months on it might be a slightly different story but I've got a few things which are works in progress; you'll hear more as it all starts to happen :D

And well, today was also a day filled with cards, presents and lunch. My boss, Phil and the HR lady who's been looking after me took me to a cafe nearby our office. Had the yummiest Chicken Risotto and received an extremely nice Herringbone shirt from my boss (I think I'll wear it to my graduation - the only thing being that it needs cufflinks; erm...I think I might actually need a guy to help me out on this one. Andy?) Then when I headed into Rhodes later on, Julie (the full-time lady I work with), she bought me chocolates for Valentine's Day. Honestly, I'm incredibly grateful for all the awesome people I've had the opportunity to work with. I don't think most of us get it that lucky.

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