Friday, 12 October 2007

the biscuit tree @ epping twilight markets

I nearly chucked a spaz when I couldn't find Suze's stall. J& I looked at the stalls at the bottom, then J pointed out there were more stalls up top, went up the stairs, still no Suze. All J's fault for being a snail and taking his time to get to my place! Just as we were about to give up, we saw the sign for the Indoor Stalls. She had to be in there and yay, behind the mound of biscotti, shortbread and cupcakes, we found our lovely Suze (gosh it's been awhile!). Photo to prove that she was there; it was already getting close to about 8.30pm and the markets were starting to wind up.

As Suze promised, those who come bearing the magic word are rewarded with a mini cupcake. Both J&I got a mini cupcake in a cone. Delicious! Suze's parents thought we should pose for a photo.

After considerable taste tasting, we decided on 2 bags of biscotti and a bag of shortbread, at a special of $20. Suze kindly reminded us that we needed to eat these before March next year. I told her quite honestly that it would be lucky if they lasted till next week. The last bag she gave me lasted not even an hour! I personally vouch for The Biscuit Tree. Now that Suze is hopping around all the markets, expect to find me stalking her.

Yay! A Free cupcake with our purchases! Thanks Suze! You're awesome!

Anyway, if you haven't heard about them, the Epping Twilight Markets are on every second Friday of the month, between 5-9pm at 6-8 Cambridge St, Epping. Check out The Biscuit Tree (say Hello to Suze) and find a selection of find foods, gourmet delights, market food stalls and the like. Btw...we bought a tub of Nectarine Jam!! Thanks again Suze for the very yummy-licious cupcakes. I'll be there next month for the Passionfruit ones which I missed out on!

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chocolatesuze said...

hehe thanks for visiting me dude! ill be sure to save the passionfruit cupcake for you and im thinking of experimenting with raspberry mmm