Sunday, 14 October 2007

sushi-ya @ atarmon

I possibly OD'ed on Japanese food this weekend but I must say, I would've died happy. I had endamame beans, scampi miso, soft shell crab, sashimi, sushi, agedashi tofu, salad, green tea, green tea ice cream (with red bean and crunchy nut!) and this was followed by ramen, tonkatsu, and karage chicken all in the space of a day! At one point, I was feeling slightly uncomfortable but albeit uncomfortably happy. Thanks to everyone for your company!

In particular, allow me to recommend the Lunch Set Menu at Sushi-ya in Atarmon. For a mere $23.50, you get a meal that is fit for a king! We should've gone for 2 orders in between the 3 of us that were there but I suppose if we'd done that, we wouldn't have appreciated the value of what that $23.50pp bought us. I think for the first time in my life, I was satisfyingly full on a Jap meal. I'm sure lovers of Jap food would agree with me that it's incredibly difficult to get full on a yummy Jap meal at a cheap price. It's no wonder that the Sushi-ya in Atarmon is always packed (I think it's actually cheaper than the one in Chatswood!).
An entree of Endamame beans.

2 pieces of agedashi tofu. I was starting to feel full sometime after this.

Next up....potato salad & greens.

Tuna, Salmon & Kingfish Sashimi!

Scampi Miso. Starting to feel heartburn...

Delicious Soft Shell Crab! How to resist...

Probably the course that took the longest to arrive. 8 pieces of assorted sushi.

Final course: Green Tea Icecream! Belly overflowing but we proceed to clean the glasses...

And how long did it take us to eat all that? Probably just over 1.5 hours. We really struggled towards the end but we all agreed that the meal had been well worth our money. Thanks Godi & Mandy for your company! I had an awesome time! And like I said, I'm gonna start eating my green tea ice cream with crunchy nut from now's so tasty! Mandy, thanks for the entertainment back at your place...old albums always bring laughs!

Anyway, I proceeded to have dinner at Zenya in Eastwood ...but that will be a story for another day...

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