Monday, 15 October 2007

night noodle markets @ hyde park (round 1)

We're already half way through good food month and to date, I've only attended one event; that's probably even more dismal than last year! I've been looking at the sugar hit menus and continue to wait patiently for a friend to be freed up. Why is it that thesis', uni exams and the like all have to happen in the month designated for food!? Arghh.....*not happy*

Nonetheless, thanks to the lovely Jo and Grace, I made it to the Night Noodle Markets @ Hyde Park last Thursday. Seems like this year they've squashed the markets to one side of the park. Not only was it incredibly packed (as is every year), they'd filled up all the available grass space with tables which meant that it was beyond packed and you actually had to walk further to find some grass to sit down for your meal! Silly organisers! It was a lot better last year where they used a bit more of the park.

Me, Grace & Jo.
Foodwise, I was actually a tad disappointed by what little new food that was on offer. Previous stallholders were there again this year, I don't think I picked up on anything new. What struck me more was that every second stall was Thai. Being a big fan of Thai food, I didn't mind too much but retrospectively, it defeated the purpose of an event that was to celebrate food.

Anyhow, the good old favourites were there; that being Dutch Pancakes and Serendipity Icecream. My intake of dessert was considerably bigger than my shared Pad Thai from Yai with Grace. Otherwise, the Sweet Potato Kusabi Chips from Wagamama deserve a mention; served with the yummiest wasabi mayo. I think they actually tasted better at the markets compared to the ones I've had a Wagamama store previously. They were crunchy as chips should be!

Grace proudly displaying our Dutch pancakes.

Those yummy Sweet Potato Kusabi Chips!

Me & Jo. Jo with her Wagamama noodles.
I'm keen on heading back (hence 'Round 1') even if it means battling the crowds and surviving the horrendous Sydney weather. How lucky were we on Thursday when it started raining cats and dogs as soon we finished up our ice creams!

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