Sunday, 28 October 2007

happy 21st sean!

There were a couple of 21sts in the past week, my brother's included. Unfortunately, my brother made it quite clear that me/family weren't invited - he ended up taking a small group of friends to the Bavarian Beer Cafe. Anyhow, we celebrated with him on Sunday at our usual Chinese restaurant (next post) and had a usual massive meal.

On Saturday though, I went to Sean's 21st (i.e. Justin's brother) but also a close friend of my brother. Not sure how it all happened but I somehow found myself with my brother at the same 21st. Honestly, it was a bit bizarre and we did our best to stay out of each other's way - he was part of the group drinking all the alcohol, I was part of the 'older people' who was helping out with the cooking.

Me and Melvin aka. bouncer for the night. I love the oversized sunnies!

For the first time ever, I actually got to see a spit cooking! I remember considering it for my 21st but I ended up having a BBQ. Anyhow, 12kg of combined beef and pork went round and round in a circle. And that's what it did, just went round and round. After 7 solid hours of trying to cook the two chunks of meat, we resolved to carving it off and putting it on the barbie, it was just taking way too long.

When the meat went on at 2pm.

What was being served for dinner, I had quite a bit already at lunch :P Yummy!

Chocolate Fudge Cookies & Cream Cake from Pastry Perfection, Mobbs Lane.

Mind you, there was plenty of food to go round whilst we were waiting for the meat to cook. On the bain marie was nasi lemak, roasted potatos and corn, noodles and this was accompanied by salads, this thing called 'ajak', rolls, sausages, chicken wings....plenty of home brewed beer which didn't take long to get through, eskies of drinks and this was yet to be followed by cake and dessert.

I definitely learnt a lot about Sean through the speeches. Dirt that was rather consistent across all the speeches! I honestly had a lot of fun but am reminded of how long it's been since I turned 21. Still thinking about the yummy meat despite the time it took to cook. Mmmmm......

Happy 21st Sean!

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