Thursday, 25 October 2007

chat thai @ haymarket

I recently got in touch with a primary school friend through Facebook (You've got to love it!). She'd messaged me to say hello and before you know it, we agreed to meet up for dinner in the city after work. She's probably the only person I know that works down my end of the city (everyone's all the way up at Wynard & Town Hall...and well, me, I'm stuck down Ultimo way where there's pretty much nothing except for Market City across the bridge.)

Anyway, after one fantastic Japanese dinner where the two of us exhausted our voices chatting our lives away, we've since managed to meet up again and continue our girly silliness and talks of nothing but also everything. This girl is officially my eating buddy for life! Not only is she fantastic company but she has an appetite for food like no other. She equally shares my passion for food and pretty much eats everything, even chilli! And well, it was definitely one chilly meal at Chat Thai on Campbell Street, Haymarket!

Meet Katie.

We actually only saw this restaurant as we were making our way to another Thai restaurant on the same street. The front entrance had caught our attention and immediately we crossed the road, saw that the menu was much cheaper, looked inside and noticed that the restaurant consisted of a number of levels and was packed to the brim. Then and there, we decided to grab a table and a very lovely waitress managed to fit us upstairs.

Plenty of indecisiveness later, we settled for Chicken Satay Sticks, a green chicken curry and a chicken & bean stirfry. I tried their ice coffee which was on a rather extensive drinks list (mind you, the most expensive drink was only $4).

Chicken Satay Sticks + Ice Coffee.

Our two mains which we had with rice.
Food is superb! Be mindful that their dishes are generally on the spicy side so if you love spicy, you're at the right place. The menu might take a little time to get use to (just the way it's laid out) but a combination of speedy and attentive service, very friendly staff, superb & cheap food, and awesome decor, you'll be won over. I probably spent half my meal looking at the painting that was hanging behind Katie's back (it's very cute!). Anyway, all our things came to $37. They did have to urge us to move on towards the end of our meal (as our table was booked - but hey, this was a Tuesday night that we're talking about).


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