Saturday, 20 October 2007

sugar hit @ sheraton on the park

A couple of things happened this week: a) I learnt from the Dutchman at work how it is that you pronounce profetjes (I still prefer to call them Dutch Pancakes), b) I turned a couple of shades darker from sitting out at lunchtime (on my way to become chocolate coloured like I usually do when summer rolls around), c) Went to the Night Noodle Markets another two times, and d) The highlight: Going to my first Sugar Hit for the month! Yay!

Joining me was my bestie, Amy who went to her first Night Noodle Markets and kindly turned down her boy and his insistence on coming along with us. Phew! (And how dare he just tag along like that anyway!) Anyhow, we grabbed a quick dinner before our search for a Sugar Hit location.

Amy with her Pad Thai from Yai.

Me and my chicken Tom Yum from Yai.

Our first stop was Swissotel on Market Street. Thinking that it was probably the most convenient and closest to the station for afterwards, we trekked up to Crossroads Bar on Level 8 only to be told that their earliest availability was 10.30pm. Turns out a lot of people had made bookings (not so much of a surprise given it was a Thursday night). Feeling ever so rejected, we went back downstairs, recollected ourselves (the Sugar Hit menu at Swissotel was actually looking really good!), we trekked back over to Sheraton on the Park where we thought we might be luckier.

We weren't actually sure if Sugar Hit was happening and when we questioned the concierge at the hotel counter, he was even more clueless than we were. He ended up asking someone more senior and we were advised that it was 'probably' happening in the restaurant upstairs. Boys, they know nothing about sweets (that's something I've well and truly learnt!)

Upstairs we went, and here we were told that Sugar Hit didn't start till 9pm. Great! Good thing was shops were still open so we could actually kill some time. Although, can you believe it, when we came back at 9pm, we were told that we hadn't made a booking and they didn't have a table! At this point, there were probably tears in my eyes and it must have been the waiter seeing how upset I was that he offered to seat us in the bar if we didn't mind. Yay! Anyway, the atmosphere was probably 10 times nicer anyway compared to being seated in the main part of the restaurant.

Brown Brothers Dessert Wine and a trio of Creme Brulee, a mini Poached Pear and a Chocolate Bombe Alaska. Yum!

A Happy Amy & Jenny after Dessert.

I'm not too sure why the price has gone up to $20. If it goes up anymore, I'll probably stop going. Nonetheless, it looks like this might be my one and only Sugar Hit this year. Everyone's been too busy, J doesn't seem to exist anymore, and well, it's too lonely to go by myself. Thanks Amz for coming with me; you are the best, as always!


Amy said...

thank YOU for having me!!!
seeing that champs and i failed not once but TWICE, i saw that the only real chance of getting a sugar hit would be with you!

maybe we should go again. the one at swissotel?? i think champs and i will be going to the one at radisson most likely

Joanna said...

ooooooooooooooh! that looks delicious ;)