Saturday, 20 October 2007

granny smith festival @ eastwood

Most people probably don't know this but Eastwood is actually home to the Granny Smith Apple. Some hundreds of years ago when presumably Eastwood was still farmland and cows and sheep roamed the streets, a little old granny by the name of Smith was growing her apple trees and truly making a name for herself. Today, you'll find Granny Smith apples at your local fruit market and supermarket. Granny Smith apples are particularly good for baking and I imagine, most apple pies use this as a key ingredient.

So for as long as I've been living in Eastwood, the Granny Smith Festival has taken place every year in October. By all means, the festival has grown and today, you'll find even more stalls, even more entertainment and even more individuals, groups, clubs and the like get involved in the festival. Every year there's the Miss Granny Smith Pageant, there's the street parade, there's the raffle, there's the apple store, there's the fireworks, the rides; things I've well and truly grown up with and become a part of.

This year's festival was blessed with extremely good weather and the festive spirit was to be felt by all! Unfortunately, the good weather meant that the flies were out to play and as a personal thing, I really can not stand flies!
Red & Green Apples ($2 a bag for Granny Smith apples, a whopping $4 for the red ones!). A new addition to the festival: cupcakes from The Cupcake Place.

Human Joeys. I was not impressed by the things dangling in between their legs. Hmm...

Back at home and out of the heat, a grumpy J hogs all the icecream.

And before I knew it, the day was over! I wonder what next year will bring...

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