Tuesday, 30 October 2007

happy 21st bro!

"To my dearly loved and awesome brother, hope you had a fantastic 21st! Make good use of the Minus 5 vouchers and hope you liked the rest of the pressies! Man, I can't believe you're already 21! If anything, it makes me feel extremely old. Hmmm...."

Mum & John.

So to celebrate my bro turning 21, family along with Billy (another 21st b'day boy) & Justin, went to Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Carlingford Court. This place is more or less our regular Chinese Restaurant that we go to when we can be bothered to eat out (usually dad cooks). Anyway, the people who work there seem to know us and given we always order a lot of food, we always seem to get quite good service and over time, the waiters and waitresses know that my dad is 'Mr Ip'. It can be a little invasive at times when they ask (in the middle of dinner) why we haven't been to the restaurant in so long. Other than that, I'm quite fond of this place considering I've seen it changed hands and I've more or less grown up with their food since eons ago when I was much smaller.

Usually, dad more or less orders the same dishes. The only variation is whether he orders everything or just the few select dishes. The occasion being my bro's b'day, he went about to order everything. I was already quite full after the 3rd entree dish we had ordered! There was soup, duck pancakes, mini abalones, oysters (fried and steamed), sang choy bow, fried milk, lobster, beef, fish (2 styles) and this was followed by dessert soup and fruit. I think everything we had, we ended up taking home a little bit. Not a bad thing though, cause we've since had leftovers for dinner for the past two nights. And I swear, leftover lobster tastes even better than when it's first dished up!

My absolute favourite: Duck Pancakes.

This is how I like my oysters :P
Lobster! Yummeeee...Fried Milk at the back.

For those that haven't been here, I highly recommend their Crab with Vermicelli Noodles. We didn't have it this time but seriously, I could eat that all day if I wanted to. The vermicelli noodles in particular are extremely tasty! Otherwise, they have this thing called Beggar's Chicken which makes a rather impressive appearance at the table. Coated in mud and cooked (in an oven?), the waiter uses a hand-held saw to saw open the layer of mud. We didn't have this either but I was reminded when everyone looked at the table next to us of what a delicacy this can be. Anyhow, this as well as the fried milk which we had need to be ordered in advance.

An extremely yummy dinner. Happy 21st Bro!


chocolatesuze said...

fried milk? mmm? ive heard of fried pizza, fried snicker bars and fried icecream but fried milk? whats it like?

panda said...

fried milk is definitely the correct translation but instead of being runny, the 'milk' is almost like a soft pudding. It actually tastes a bit bitter which is why it gets served with sugar (and you knock yourself silly and coat the whole thing in sugar :P) It's actually really, really tasty but you need to make sure that the chef at a restaurant knows how to do it properly!

char said...

is this "ho ho" ? their crab with vermicelli is actually well known, particularly because they manage to keep the vermicelli dry while many other places have it oily/moist.

fried milk !!! i haven't had that for ages, such a treat :)