Sunday, 19 April 2009

cafe amigo @ eastwood shopping centre

After coming back from Thailand, J&I joined my parents for dinner one night. Mum said we were going to Cafe Amigo in Eastwood; my instant response being 'I thought you said the food there wasn't that great'. Mum goes on to explain how the lady that owned the Chinese bookshop next door had closed down her shop and took over Cafe Amigo's (and was now also selling some books on the side). I decided not to think too much about it and went along.

The new owners haven't made drastic changes to the cafe but you will notice some cheap meal specials/sets. When you look closely, you'll find that most of the specials/sets are varying combinations of the same ingredients (which subsequently means meals come out at lightning speed - I'm quite serious here).

Shortly after ordering, the soup (which is an option to one of the sets - you pay about 50c) comes to the table. It's meant to be a seafood chowder but tastes more like cornflour (you do get what you pay for - the garlic bread was comparatively better).
I get the steak and chips with pepper sauce. (Another one of my loves - pepper sauce!) Chips are great, steak was a little overcooked and tops to their Iced Lemon Tea (this has become my latest favourite!)
J goes for the Pork Chop with Rice (also with the Pepper Sauce but notice the scant sprinkle of sauce on his and the drowning of sauce on mine). There's 2 big pork chops here making it a most decent serving.
My dad loves food and loves ordering it (even when there's enough food on the table). He orders an extra Club Sandwich to share amongst the four of us. Highly recommend this one but warning that this in itself, can easily feed two.
Dad goes for the Spaghetti Marinara - which I thought was a massive serving but he seemed to gobble this one up quite quickly.
Mum has the pasta with white sauce (from what I could make of it - there was bits of ham, capsicum, onion and cracked pepper in it).
For the 5 meals with each person having a drink, the bill came in under $50. I probably won't be coming back for the soup but minus the soup, the bill actually comes down further and it's definitely a place for a quick and fast meal. Serving sizes are large and well if you're not too fussed with your food, it's definitely a place that will fill you up. Be warned if you're coming at night time, the Shopping Centre seems to have no air con so it can get a little stuffy.

Service is friendly (but then my parents seem to come here quite a bit) and well, if you're here just wanting to grab a drink, it's seriously really, really cheap!

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