Monday, 6 April 2009

rise @ craigend st., darlinghurst

I'm on a mission to get up to date with my posts - after being  on holidays for 3 weeks, I've somehow managed to bank up almost 2 months worth of photos and posts. J is calling this blog a 'web history' rather than a 'web blog'. Apologies to my readers out there for the lack of detail and my forgetfulness in remembering everything about all the meals that I've had. Unfortunately my memory doesn't seem to stretch so far and well, these days, it seems like my memory is getting worse and I'll have to admit, I almost forget things as soon as I remember them.

So, this meal dates back over a month. My good friend, Jo (a girl who is quickly turning into a pro photographer) organised a girl's night out for 5 of us at Rise Restaurant in Darlinghurst. The first time I ate here was for my birthday a couple years back and my best friend A had shouted - the meal was fantastic that time round and I was quite keen to go back to check out their latest degustation menu. Jo also sold it with the incentive that there's a 25% discount when you dine on Sundays i.e. $45 for a 7 course degustation - a bargain or what?!

Ocean trout marinated with gochujang miso & poached quail egg.
Potato cream soup with prawn tempura & tofu.
Assorted Sashimi - probably my favourite.
I really can not for the life of me remember what the 3 things on this plate were. I just remembered that the fried wonton wrapper was a tad stale and didn't taste too good.
Steamed Scallop & Vermicelli with Black Beans, Chilli & Shallots. I was actually a little disappointed with this one. The vermicelli was tough - you can find much better at your regular Chinese Restaurant or even if you steam yourself at home.
Braised Chicken on a bed of assorted vegetables. We questioned amongst ourselves 'Where on earth do you get chickens with such short & fat legs'. Anyone with an answer, please let me know.
Watermelon Granita atop a Vanilla Pannacotta. I think this was the same dessert I had the last time I came here. This time, it seemed to taste a bit better.

We were there for the 6pm sitting; there's another at 8pm (and yes, even on a Sunday). If you haven't been here before, you'll find that meals do come out quickly. They'll wait till everyone at the table has finished but as soon as the last person is done, plates are cleared and the next course promptly arrives (and of course, the bill gets to you as soon as you get close to the next sitting time). On the whole, service is friendly. Unfortunately the food this time round didn't 'wow' me but nonetheless, immaculately presented and at a great price. Might I add, there's a lot of tables crowded into a very small space so don't be alarmed if you're listening in on the conversation at the table next to you. 

Please take note that parking is a nightmare and don't think that it's any better on a Sunday night. My suggestion is to get there early and you might be lucky.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I also have lots of photos since February that haven't post yet.. haih... oh, I just arrived melbourne today, will try to update soon. Oh, and I am waiting to see ur post from Thailand :)

panda said...

lucky you! i love melbourne, especially the food!!! how long are you there for?

it's really bad how i keep building up the photos....cause when i come round to post, i forget what that photo was of! and yep! thailand posts are up next!! there's probably at least 50 posts there!!! there were so many place and foods that i tried.

Joanna said...

thank you for coming Jenny! I hope you've enjoyed the night as much as I had :)

parking was such a nightmare! good thing Amy drove instead of me. hehe. my parking skills aren't up to the level required for parking in city/kings cross.

i think i like the tomato sludge in a shot glass the best. and then the dessert :)

Chicken Run .... hehee...

panda said...

agree with you on parking - tops to amy for driving. if i'd driven, i think we'd be spending the whole night trying to park.

and seriously i don't think these chickens just run, i reckon they must do squats or big are their calf muscles!

Champsman said...

hahaha you girls are too nice! we did end up parking in a carpark which was a bit of a walk back but nonetheless a very good walk after all the food we ate!

panda said...

i take it that that last comment was you - Amy, not Champman. two are operating under the one identity!