Sunday, 5 April 2009

mado cafe @ auburn rd., auburn

So this post dates back almost two months (to be precise, it was Valentine's Day) and well in a nutshell, thanks to the awful service we had to put up with in a restaurant that we made a booking at (it wasn't for long - trust me), we stormed out and was in the car driving to Auburn to check out Mado Cafe. Things seem to happen for a reason - J was actually reading about Mado Cafe whilst we were killing time at the shops waiting for dinner. Thumbs up J for reading about Mado and my second thumbs up will be to the place itself, fantastic food, friendly service, what more can you ask for?!

J is all smiles.
I'm smiling too! As soon as we place our order (by the time, we'd grown quite hungry), food arrives promptly and we're eating away. Here we have toasted turkish bread with a trio of dips (there's a list to choose from although note that some may be unavailable - best to consult one of the waiters).
Whilst chomping our way through the entree, our mains arrive. J has gone for the mixed grill and I've elected the Maras Kebab (toasted bits of turkish bread topped with lamb kebab, mint yoghurt and chopped fresh mint).
Yes I did eat quite a bit of bread but there was definitely some room for dessert! After asking one of the waiters for their opinion on the different puddings, I go for the Baked Pudding with ice cream. J has the infamous icecream which you eat with a knife and fork (this is what J had been reading about). We each have a glass of Turkish tea - how cute do these look!
Look! The icecream holds itself together on the fork!

The meal would've costed less than a quarter of the price we would've paid at the place we made a booking at - it almost seems a little ironic! Food was fantastic and really, I could not have found one little fault for such a perfect place. Admittedly, it's not one of your fancy restaurants but I did find the decor of the place quaint, the waiters were friendly and helpful, food was OMG delicious and the check at the end of the meal is really a bonus. Thanks for a great Valentine's Day - I think I've fallen in love with your food!


Joanna said...

*salivates at lamb kebab with mint yoghurt & that gigantic ice-cream*

enough said :)

panda said...

after trying this place, I don't think I need to try any other turkish food places - nothing can be better than what I already ate!