Thursday, 30 April 2009

chocolate chip muffins

One of my most used recipe books actually isn't anything fancy, it's not by any particular author (actually it's by a collection of authors) and the recipes are so user friendly that I find myself pulling it out for the kitchen time and time again. It's 'Taste of Home - Muffins & Quick Breads'; a collection of recipes by household cooks/bakers in the US. Each recipe fits in a 12x10cm sheet with a colour photo on the back, all measurements are in metric cups and spoons and I can personally guarantee that the recipes always work out with minimal effort.

This particular weekend I had a craving for Chocolate Chip Muffins and picked the recipe by Kelly Kirby in Westville, Nova Scotia.
On top of the muffins is a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips, brown sugar, and ground cinnamon.
Best enjoyed with a cup of tea!

This was a nice variation of the regular Choc-chip muffin and I won't hesitate to make this one again. There's still a bundle of recipes for me to get through though in the book (and might I add the growing pile of books I have at home). And well with the cold weather creeping in and so many places selling cheap cookbooks, mum and I have been stockpiling on them, so hopefully more cooking/baking posts to follow.

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