Wednesday, 22 April 2009

mad mex @ macquarie shopping centre

A lot does seem to happen in 3 weeks! After coming back from Thailand, J&I found Max Mex open in Mac Centre (replacing Cheeky Salads). We never actually went to Cheeky Salads (largely because I think it's cheaper to make a salad at home) but seeing Mad Mex, I was keen to try. J had mixed opinions - he prefers the familiar and would've been happy to eat Thai or Pizza but I egged him along and I don't think either of us regretted the choice.

The chandelier of Corona bottles. I want one for home!

The menu is on a board above the counter. As soon as you get in the line, be prepared to order - basically you get sent down a production line consisting of 3 steps:
1. Choose a style
2. Choose a filling
3. Choose a salsa
J goes for the burrito with carne asada (steak) and picante (spicy red chilli sauce). He loved it, it was filling and he ate it with another half a bottle of chilli sauce - it tasted great but just wasn't hot enough.
I went for the 3x Crispy Tacos with pollo (chicken), picante (spicy red chilli salsa) with an extra serve of gaucamole. I really do love avocado!

I assure you that our bellies were nice and round after we got through it all. Out of the two meals we ordered, I probably liked the burrito a bit more because it was different but both meals I would recommend. I highly commend the speed of service but if you're planning to sit down and enjoy your meal slowly, this place probably isn't the place to be. As soon as I slowed down, my tacos turned less crispy and the cooked fillings started getting a little cold. However, for a quick bite, Mad Mex is definitely the right place to go (and definitely make sure your meal is spicy!)

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