Tuesday, 7 April 2009

cafe lenotre @ siam paragon, siam (thailand)

Now that I've been back from holidays for over a week, it's probably a good time to make a start with those holiday food posts. Surprisingly, J was the one to ask me and he's been adamant all along that he doesn't read my posts - but really he reads them, pretends and just lets slip that he does. Bizarre but anyway, it's great that I have my loyal readers out there and regardless of whether you leave me any comments, I still love you guys. I've actually come back from holidays this time round telling myself that I need to be on top of this blog cause it has been left on the wayside a little bit - work and all sorts of reasons; reasons which started to become more excuses.

So anyway, I had a 3 week holiday in Thailand with J, spent a week each in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. My favourite was probably Chiang Mai, Bangkok is rather crazy and Phuket did start to annoy me a little.  So starting in Bangkok, we found Cafe Lenotre on our first night. A friend at work had recommended going to MBK for shopping which is at Siam station. Cafe Lenotre was inside Siam Paragon also at Siam station (Siam Paragon was a place which J&I came back to time and time again for the wide selection of food, shopping and surprisingly, bookstore - more on this as I get along with my posts). 

It was actually quite a tough decision as there were a number of places in Siam Paragon that had dessert. Just opposite Cafe Lenotre was a place called Vanilla Brasserie which I ended up visiting on another night but the fact that is was Cafe Lenotre caught my attention.
What really hit me on our first day in Bangkok was the heat. Those that know me probably will know that I'm not a big fan of heat and I generally don't deal well with it! So no hot drinks for me - chose the Iced Chocolate which was thick (and actually quite filling!)
J is a creature of habit and I lost count of the number of times he ordered Ginger ale. Here he is going through the maps we grabbed at the airport + hotel reception.
Well a visit to Cafe Lenotre isn't really a visit if you don't eat dessert. They do actually offer a cafe style menu with toasted sandwiches, soups and salads but you're talking about me, I generally talk dessert! J lets me go through the menu to choose enough dessert for the two of us. Here's the Berry & Pistachio Slice with Pistachio Icecream. Loved the slice and ice cream - the decorations really are just decorations.
Something I hadn't had in awhile - went for the Millefuille. I really do love millefuilles but they're just so hard to eat with knife and fork. It didn't take long for this prettily presented plate to become something quite unrecognisable. Here it came with a raspberry sorbet which I quite liked.

In terms of price, Cafe Lenotre was probably one of the more expensive meals that we had, each dessert worked out to be about AUD$10 which is expensive considering you can get Roti (sweet pancake) on the street for the equivalent of AUD$1.50. Where we sat, I was facing the cake counter so it was amazing to see how much care they took with their cakes - I saw that they checked the temperature of the fridge, checked the cakes individually, rotated stock - it's definitely a known Patisserie brand well worth visiting. 

It's a shame I didn't get to come back here again in the week that I was in Bangkok. But then I was busy eating lots of other foods! More posts to follow...


Joanna said...

looks decadent!

oooh finally found someone who doesn't like heat either, yay! summer is my least favourite season.

After all, there's only so much you can take off....

panda said...

i love pretty desserts! but i must admit, there are also desserts out there which taste great but not so heavily decorated.

seriously...i don't deal with heat (full stop!)