Wednesday, 8 April 2009

took lae dee @ soi 5, sukhimvit (thailand)

The first leg of the Thailand trip was spent in Bangkok, more specifically we were staying at the Bel Aire Princess Hotel in a suburb called Nana - which if you read in the Lonely Planet is a suburb of expats and tourists. Amidst the rush of crowds, street vendors, pubs and eateries, the hotel we were at was actually quite pleasant. The doormen were friendly, service was terrific and tucked at the end of Soi 5, it was close enough to everything that you would need but far enough so that you weren't too overwhelmed when you stepped out of the hotel door.

Just down the road was the supermarket where we found 'Took lae dee'. J had actually pointed it out saying 'There might be food in there' and at first I'd actually ignored his suggestion and thought to continue walking down the road. Well we didn't have a whole lot of time as we had a city tour starting at 9am so in we went to take a look.

Easy to miss, 'Took Lae Dee' is essentially part of the supermarket. There's only counter seating (my guess is that they can sit up to 20), they offer breakfast, lunch & dinner and prices are extremely cheap.
Both of us opted for the American breakfast which had two slices of toast with butter and marmalade, a glass of juice, tea or coffee...
The kitchen is all happening in front of us whilst we eat.
There's a choice of sausage or bacon, fried or scrambled eggs... here's J's selection.
This is what I got. Looks like we have better bacon in Australia. The piece of bacon on my place was tiny and uber fatty - actually, let me put it again, it was almost all fat. This wasn't the only place serving up fatty bacon though - we came across this at the hotel we were staying at in Chiang Mai.
Anyhow, at only 49 Baht, breakfast is a bargain! (49 Baht equates to about AUD$2.50) Needless to say, we were back here again for a few more breakfasts. And well, since I've been back, I've been questioning why here in Sydney, we pay between $10-20 for essentially the same thing. So number one highlight of my travels in Thailand - cheap meals!


char said...

can't wait to see more thailand posts ! :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hehe...Took lae dee is quite famous for the meal that is ok and cheap.. (I haven't never tried though) but yeah, bacon in Thailand and Aus is very different... That's why I am so much in love with Bacon here :)

panda said...

char - there's going to be a lot of posts! watch this space!

beansprout - i figured that took lae dee was probably part of a bigger chain (there were a number of logos on their menu) but didn't realise it was famous. We actually wanted to come back to try some of their other meals but then there was so much other food too try! and lol...i agree, bacon here is good!