Thursday, 23 April 2009

kaya toast + iced coffee

J finally admits that he reads my blog and asks 'Where are the rest of the Thailand posts?' Well here's one of many and I'd say would be one of my Top 3 food highlights of the trip.

I'm not great remembering names of places but here was the place we found ourselves in after an hour or two at MBK (would I be correct to say, Bangkok's shopping centre - there is floor after floor off shops and each level stretches out further than the eye can see). It's great that they have food places scattered throughout the shopping centre as we were in dire need to rest our feet.
Iced Coffee & Kaya Toast - so simple and so tasty!
Admittedly, iced coffee and kaya aren't the healthiest of snacks and should be eaten in moderation. 
And yep, pretty much this place only sold kaya toast and drinks. There were varying versions of the toast. Here we had it sliced, you could've also got it as a block or a block that's chopped up in little cubes which you then dip in kaya. I wish we had a place like this here in Sydney.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

The shop is called ''Mon Nom Sod'' (means Mon's fresh milk). It is the best kaya toast and milky drink in Bangkok.. The original shop is in the small road near The Democracy Monument... They have been there so long until I don't know how many year ..haha.. (more than 10 years). From very small shop became Air-con shop and now have another branch in MBK.. I miss it already :D

panda said...

i'm glad we stopped to have a snack - if i hadn't, i would've regretted it (esp. now that you've told me it's the best kaya toast and milky drink in bangkok)!