Monday, 20 April 2009

sushiya @ victoria ave., chatswood

The month of April is whirring by but fortunately there's been time to catch up with our eating partners in crime, E&P, over dinner at Sushiya in Chatswood - perhaps one of my most visited Japanese eateries. There's many reasons why I come back time and time again and coming this time, I found another one (or actually two reasons more why I should come here more often). Reason one being that there's now covered outdoor seating which means you're not squished inside the small confines of the restaurant and well off the back of this (reason two), means that I'm more likely to get a table even if I haven't booked on a Friday night (or that I can book on the Friday and still secure a table). 

And I should probably add, there's actually a third new reason why I love this place - they've updated their menu (well I haven't been awhile so it might not be so new) but it's great to come back to a favourite restaurant and find new items to try.

Previously on their special menu which was on a separate sheet of paper, it looks like the Smoked Salmon, Mango & Avocado Roll is here to stay and has earned a place on the main menu.
Tempura dumplings which were yummy.
Chicken Katsu Udon - eat up quickly to avoid soggy breadcrumbs and starchy noodles.
Trying for the first time - Teryaki Fish. Alright, I prefer Salmon.
Chilli-battered Calamari with Mayo dipping Sauce. Liked this one!
The Wagyu Salad - will definitely have this one again and highly recommend. Looks like they've OD'ed on the sauce in this pic but the sauce is what makes this dish taste so good.

There was dessert after this - a trio of Green Tea, Sesame & Lychee Ice cream (photo missing because I was too occupied eating the ice cream :P) I loved the lychee ice cream - where can I find it?! Anyone who knows, let me know!

As usual, a fun night out with E&P.  Thanks guys!


Joanna said...

any reappearnce of the hotpot? :)

panda said...

nopes it's not on the menu!
good thing u reminded me, next time there, I'll ask.