Sunday, 26 April 2009

noodles + rice

It boggles me that I spent 3 weeks in Thailand eating street food and came back perfectly fine. Yet today I'm at home with the doctor diagnosing me with gastro and the most likely cause of it being a cocktail function I went to at the The Art Gallery on Monday - how strange...

So more street-food in Thailand which costed us probably just under AUD$5 for two. The cart was outside 7-eleven on the same street as our hotel in Bangkok and there were a handful of reasons why we came here; a) it was too hot to walk any further and b) it was recommended by an ex-pat who thought he'd lend us a hand when he saw us standing by the cart trying to work out what food there was to eat. You'll find that a lot of the street stalls in Thailand don't have an English menu nor do the vendors actually speak it.

Barbeque Pork Egg noodles.
Braised duck with half a boiled egg and rice. I love duck!

Both the noodles and rice were delish! I could've probably done with a bigger serving but the heat sort of puts you off eating too much. Trust me, it was probably good that we had these small meals because the number of buffets we started eating more than made up for it. Anyway, thanks to the lovely man that helped us order this meal; just letting you know that both your recommendations were yummy and J&I enjoyed it!

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