Tuesday, 14 April 2009

cafe rumbles @ eastwood

It'd been awhile since our last time at Rumbles and so J&I were quite surprised to see the additions to the menu and that the fact that the cafe was really quite buzzing with people. The last couple of times we'd been, there were people, but not quite the crowd we found this time round on Good Friday. Seems like everyone had come out to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the selection of food on offer.

Rumbles offers a wide selection of cafe food. From J&I's uni days, we used to come here quite often for their toasted foccacias and milkshakes. Not that J is boring but he does like sticking to things he usually gets, and he goes for a foccacia (The Meatloaf Special).  I had a bite and immediately fell in love with meatloaf (yes, it was my first time!) 
I was a bit breaded out (after eating a stack of Turkish bread for breakfast) and ordered the Salmon Tart with Salad. The tart is delicious with ample pieces of salmon. The plate looks small but does fill you up quite quickly. I finished about 3/4 of the tart and handed the rest over to J.

I do enjoy a cup of coffee here and it's a great place for a weekend brunch. There's a blackboard-full of brunch items including pancakes and assorted big breakfasts. In general, prices lean towards the expensive side but I assure you that you do get fresh and tasty food. The Korean family who run the place are friendly and the guy (who I think is the manager) is always with a smile on his face. There's also a pile of up-to-date magazines for those looking to spend a lazy weekend - which is me.

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