Thursday, 23 April 2009

recipes from the fridge

The great thing about our fridge at home is that there's always food in it (except for the times when mum is away and my bro eats all the food and no one is there to replenish it but in general, I only need to open that door and I'll be able to find myself something to eat). This happened to be the Sunday after a family BBQ and our fridge was particularly well stocked up with odds bits and pieces. Mum had also bought that $40 Gourmet Food Showbag at the Easter Show and my cousin was telling me how good the pies were.

After 20 minutes, here is what I managed to cook up. In hindsight, I should've microwaved the pie for a minute before I stuck it in the oven. My cousin was right - the pie is so good! (but my salad wasn't bad either!)
J said he wasn't full and requested for more salad. I'd used Feta which he didn't like so I omitted that and replaced with some leftover sausages that had been cooked on the BBQ (just whizz in the microwave for about a minute, let it cool slightly and slice). For those interested, inside the salad was Baby cos lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, cooked sausage and an Italian dressing (store bought). I won't be prescriptive with portions because all I did was just start chopping and throwing things into a bowl.

And yes, J did manage to finish the bowl - who says salad doesn't fill you up! And really, it only took a couple of minutes to make and tastes extraordinarily good!

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